Geraldine Lockwood Tyler

Profile Updated: January 5, 2010
Residing In: Fitzgerald, GA USA
Spouse/Partner: Ray Tyler
Occupation: Retired and Tired
Children: My husbands three boys by previous marriage:
Mark - Born 1966
Michael - Born 1969
Matt More…- Born 1971

Our son:
Myles - Born 1976

We have a total of 10 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Ray and I both believe our children and especially the grandchildren are a gift from God.

We have not only been blessed with the 4 sons that we are so proud of, but we have 4 beautiful daughter-in-laws that we are thankful for.

Ray and I decided in June 2009 that we needed a little something to do so we have now opened up an Antique/Consignment store in our home town. We love it. It keeps us busy every day but it is something that we both have a passion for and can enjoy.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I married in 1973 for one year and divorced in 1974. - That is all I care to say about that!!!!

I married Ray Tyler in 1975 on Valentine's of the best things that ever happened in my life!

I worked as police typist/clerk at Belle Glade Police Department for 18 years. Ray worked at Bell South for 27 years.

Ray retired in 1997 and we moved from South Bay to Tifton, Georgia. We have since moved to Fitzgerald, Georgia. Since living here I have moved my Mom and Dad to Fitzgerald to be closer to us.
My sister and her husband also live about 15 miles away in Ocilla, Georgia.

Ray and I travelled in our motor home working festivals as a vendor for a couple of years. We travelled to do festivals in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina. We even lived full time in the 35 foot camper for one year. I was glad to get back into my home.

We currently sell on e-Bay which I have done for several years now. We also have two booths set up in an Antiques Mall a few miles away. We are enjoying that very much. We often say that we are busier now than we were when we worked full time jobs.

Our ten grandchildren are so precious! We enjoy getting to see them and spend time with them as much as possible.

Our son Myles, his wife, and two children live in Fitzgerald so we are naturally with them more.

Ray and I are active in our Church and we have found that serving God and living for Him is the only way for us. We made a life-time change and commitment in 1979 and have never regretted it or looked back over our wrecked lives of our past.
Ray is a greeter at the door, due to him always smiling. I teach the pre-school aged children in Sunday School and also am a Team Leader in the Women's Ministry.

School Story:

I can't remember if it was Jr. High School or High but Dwayne Mackey blew up a Condom like a balloon and left it in the school yard.

Falling all the way down the stairs from top to bottom at the Jr. High School. Some students thought Denise Swain had pushed me down them.

Being in the High School Band and Freddie Stevens was some of the highlights of High School. We went to State Contest and some of the boys took alcohol in a Windex bottle, got to feeling a little high until they were caught. Jerry Nehls was running around in his undershorts. Someone (I was not involved in) toilet papered the motel we were in.......I was in on the clean-up after Freddie Stevens got ahold of us all.

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