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Ginger Fortner Robertson

Created on: 07/29/09 09:15 PM Views: 1659 Replies: 1
Ginger Fortner Robertson
Posted Wednesday, July 29, 2009 04:15 PM

Just wanted to update you all - I've been living down at the beach house and only have computer access at Starbucks (kind of nice, since the computer can be addicting)

Bad news in the way of my health condition. They cannot operate (I had too many complications last summer from surgeries) and they sent me to a pain specialist who wanted to put me on narcotics.

After sitting in the waiting room and looking at the people in there who evidently have to come in once a week for their scripts - and look overweight, old and sad - I knew that wasn't an avenue for me.
Frankly they looked like they were in there waiting for their prescriptions (if you know what I mean). Some were holding zip-lock bags of medicine.

I just don't think medicine and I would mix very well. I like holistic principles and there has to be something else. There is a pain thing going on in Madrid and I am thinking about going over there for the procedure.

They actually block the nerve centers after isolating them. Strange how in the states no one seems to know how to do that?

My beach house is in St. Augustine. I saw that Jimmy Bledsoe was working as an attorney down there. Anyone know anything about him?
I've thought about calling him and seeing what's going on - Bubba do you hear from him at all? What about you Karen, he and Tommy were always good friends.

You guys take care. I'll update you soon. Ginger PS: It's Kaylin's first birthday - my one and only grandchild - she is something else. I'll try and post you some pictures soon.

RE: Ginger Fortner Robertson
Posted Wednesday, July 29, 2009 09:48 PM

Ginger, look for an integrated medicine program and try some alternative medicine approaches.  I agree, narcotics are not the way to proceed.  I would think Shands, Mayo or the Orlando Health System would have some type of program to check out.  Keeping you in my prayers.